The come by two :)

Good Morning,   I am still one of those silly giraffe watchers and we are still waiting lol…. Meanwhile I have noticed an interesting trend here in my small little piece of forest. I have a lot of pairs.  I started to list them and began to laugh that so many are right here in that header picture I have for my backyard…It so funny  I have Chuck and Lilly again the mallard ducks, I wake up to find Chuck on the roof of our cabana and Lilly eating away at the same spot as the bunnies.   Speaking of bunnies I also have a pair living here in the yard,  My Crow (Harriet is building nest here again and eating suet which means babies). Buster the douglas squirrel, the Pileated , Hairy and Downy woodpeckers (aka woody and mamma, Big and Little Ricky and Lucy lol. ) The Flickers I call pretty bird, and I even have a yellow-bellied that I call Blondie  (she is new this year) Chip and Dale the chipmunks are again in their house out back, The band tailed pigeon (Bandit and Mrs B), The morning dove (I have one that is no longer skittish) which is a bit of a problem since I saved it from a cat last night !!! Pair of bald eagles that have a nest nearby, and the red-tailed Hawk is a pair along with the Coopers Hawk (he is my biggest pain) I only say that because he is a sneaky bugger! Found out Pokie the opossum has found a way under our back shed.  I’m checking to see if there are babies before I move her out. I also have 4  white-tailed deer since momma had 2 fawns (twins) hooray!!

I sure I’m missing some but that is a pretty good idea.

The amazing part to me is this is all in my little backyard and  it’s getting even more popular and its making the circle of life even more interested in my sanctuary. Now we are getting the coyotes , Bobcats , eagles etc that make it tricky to put out feed. I am now picking different routines because I caught the hawk sneaking in the tree at the crack of dawn while I put out feed hoping not to be seen…. he apparently figured out the feeding times and was taking out my squirrels and dove, so I switch it up hoping to get them to hunt elsewhere.

The weather is wet wet wet, so getting good pictures is not easy , I posted these two above,  I thought the ducks taking off was kinda cool, believe me I never said I was a photographer but I do try 🙂

More later


The Sun is back.

Wow the sun finally came out and my little forest is busy.  Chuck and Lily the mallard ducks just returned (yay) Its been 3 years of visits. I am getting visits from Band tailed Pigeons aka Bandit and part of their family,  they are cooing , it’s very similar to the dove but a deeper sound.  Speaking of the dove they are courting too 🙂  The frogs are in the ponds and I still have one with a broken sounding croak.

I also seem to have 2 bunnies,  I have seen them from time to time but now everyday at feeding time and in my yard. They seem to have made a burrough below my spruce shrub so I might get babies !!!

And now not only do we have the Coopers Hawk, but now a red-tailed hawk and a pair of Bald Eagles ! I can’t believe that all this activity is happening in such a small area, but its a lot of fun.

Yesterday we saw Buster the douglas squirrel climb into the bird house that’s high on the side of the shed,  now considered the maternity ward. It’s a heck of a jump to get down so I assume she will move one at a time again after they’re born,   well see.

I don’t have any pictures yet because I am addicted to watching April the giraffe 🙂 have her baby,  How cool would that be to visit animal adventure park, but I seem to have a park of my own just wild 🙂  It’s interesting to me that my wild visitors get this  close and that they continue to return but its always hard when they don’t .

Hope everyone has a good day,

Wow its been a year

Good Morning , I can’t believe its been a year since I updated , yikes time flies!! So I decided to try again to write my observations  and see how it goes.

I enjoy my little piece of the forest and can not believe the variety of visitors we get, and how often they return. It’s very cool.

So compared to last year this is what’s happening with Woody and Momma pileated. They’ re still visiting although this is year number 4 we have noticed some drop-ins. Right now I have what I now call Senior woody, seen in previous post feeding Jr.   Well now junior is 2 and daddy wants his spot back so I am caught in the middle so to speak because they both come to my door to complain. (very vocal) For example senior woody landed on my porch post which Jr woody doesn’t normally do and vocalized.  I came out to visit amd found that woody Jr was right above him and he began to cluck. As Jr flew to the farthest feeding log, senior followed and they began to do this around the forest trees. They are not fighting like usuall its more like pushing Jr away from here. Ugh  I hate that because  I consider my sanctuary like a neutral zone. ( I know I know the circle of life 🙂

My guess is that it’s also a mate thing. Momma always comes in to eat when the boys are fighting/chasing. Now it is hard to tell markings on these woodpeckers so I go by how they react to me and I believe this is also momma from year 2.  I have had three generations of them and I am blessed that mom and dad bring the kids down to visit and I believe they are familiar with my voice even when they mature and return just by how they act around me.

I will continue to update my stories and also introduce some new additions, its amazing how large my circle of life is getting in this small sliver of forest.



Pileated Visits

Hello,  I got some great shots of Woody and Momma coming in this weekend,  you will also see some pictures of the band tailed pigeons.  The backyard Diner has been busy with all kinds of new company including more pigeons.  ( remember, when you see one band tailed there are truly more to follow )  but they are cool.  They look like a dove on steroids lol  especially when they are down with the doves.   I am adding some raw video today just to show a bit of what the backyard is like and you will kinda see Momma come in to eat,  woody is already on the log when the video starts.  You can hear the Stellar Jay and then you will hear Momma make an entrance ,  Woody then leaves.  They do this routine everyday,  I am fairly sure babies are getting some good food.  I sure hope they bring them again this year.  🙂


Mealworms and Suet

It’s that time again,  the animals are building nest and having babies 🙂  I keep a small amount of mealworms (dried) and suet available to the parents.  If you have ever watched a feeding parent you know,  that poor bird looks all ruffled and the kids keep exploring away from her so she finds food and then has to find them ugh…It is truly amazing to me all the things an animal does in a day.  My chipmunks and douglas squirrels go back and forth everyday stashing their food.

Its hot out here so putting suet (beef rendered) will melt fast if not in the shade.  I have tried a couple of tricks especially in really hot weather.  You can keep them in the freezer. I take mine out in the morning and put the frozen one out, plus the fact that you need to try to find a shady spot.

Suet dough is different,  also known as  No melt.   the biggest difference is they add a lot of cornmeal to make the dough really thick and dry. Personally I don’t like it and neither to my visitors so I recommend the freezer method.

Same goes for water, especially in the high heat.  I take the square Tupperware and freeze a big cube of water and add that to my bird bath.   Just a couple of ideas for now.

Woody and Momma are continuing to come in but for quick visits.  I am having a lot of trouble right now with the circle of life 🙂  I have a new large addition of a bald eagle that must be living fairly close,  it’s just a really odd place for him to come hunt .

My deer are back too 🙂  My guess is they are close often because I didn’t see him right in front of me,  I was looking up the tree at Momma when I seen a movement and there he was . But they don’t take off,  just  hang out and eat the trees lol. My guess is that since I talk to animals all the time that they are used to my voice ,  I’m just so amazed how well they can blend in.

Lots to see and do today,  more pictures to come  Enjoy your morning.

Happy Monday

Good Morning ,  yuk what a stormy day 😦  and after such a beautiful weekend.

Today I am introducing you to Freddy the frog.( could be Fredrika but I like calling him that )   He arrived at my pond 2 years ago and since I love frogs my excitement just grew.  I wanted to do anything I could to make him stay, so I cleaned the pond for him …….note   don’t do that.  I did not realize until to late that he just sat there and watched me remove all the eggs.  So last year much to my surprise the eggs were back at we had polliwogs  🙂  I will warn you that the voice on these frogs is very loud and they stutter lol its like and old car thats enging just won’t turn over…anyway it is very fun and it seems that most of them stayed which is wonderful and noisy at the same time.  I love it.

Freddys babies

A lot needs to be done in the early Spring,  time to clean the feeders (1 part bleach to 10 parts water ) is a great way to clean your stuff,  just remember to rinse it really well and fully dry before you fill it up. This helps with mold and bacteria that buildup,  and always wear gloves when handling your feeders, we can give stuff to them as much as they can back to us.

Woody and Momma are coming in often,  I have been testing areas with my GoPro to bring in some great video to share. But right now they are showing signs of nesting very close and it would seem to me the babies must have already hatched as they are feeding up a storm

Baby season :)

Good Morning to all, it’s a beautiful day again.  I spent a lot of time outside yesterday and I am pretty sure Woody and Momma now have babies nearby.  They both came in often yesterday evening and already this morning for both to visit.  Last night Woody was coming in (He announces his arrival with his call) just as he was landing next to me he jolted and flew into my bushes squawking up a storm lol.  I thought the crow or that Hawk was after him but the rest of the animals were not effected. He kept talking and would try to come out then back into the bush. I looked behind me and up in the air the neighbor kids were flying a black kite and Woody was having none of it. lol   He was so vocal about it.  But I have to admit it was black and I’m sure it looked like an eagle or predator to him. Just as soon as they took it down he came in and ate , followed again by momma.  I can’t wait for the babies this year.

I did video Woody coming in and will add it to my collection soon (I move to much and could make you dizzy)

Momma’s morning visit

Bandit the bandtailed pigeon is back.  They usually come in a flock but so far just him.  I just love the orange feet and beak.  They love seed but boy can they poop !!! Its like flour paste and tough to remove !! A trick I found works very well.  I keep a bit of garden fabric under my feeders for quick and easy clean up,  you can use the outdoor mats too, especially if you feed as much as I do.

A look into the day to day activity of my backyard nature buddies as observed by me (silly humor included)

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