Good Morning

Wow what a beautiful day today is going to be … Today I am beginning my introduction to my nature buddies I get to enjoy everyday.  I find it funny that the animals do the funniest things when I don’t have my camera 🙂  Like this morning when Hummer (Anna’s Hummingbird) who is my year round visitor came over to our pond where I was standing and sure enough he landed on the edge of the waterfall and proceeded to take a bath! I was so close but maybe next time.

I will be adding pictures as I go along and hopefully a video or two .

Each morning I get up and fill feeders for the day. I find that I have to limit my servings because I’m becoming a little to popular (lol) My first visitors are chipmunks (Chip and Dale) and douglas squirrels (Tippy and Buster ) I have a cute neighborhood house for them to get their daily treats and keep them from the English grey squirrels (Heckle and Jeckle )

But what I wait for each day is my visit from Woody and Momma the Pileated woodpeckers. When I moved into this home I had no idea what landed next to my head when I was standing at my backdoor,  it looked like a pterodactyl to me (lol) and as I began to research my findings told me how shy they are..well not this pair. I have had the privilege of their visits and they bring in their babies.  Junior is the male juvenile that seemed to be as interested in me as I was in him, so some of my pictures are of him looking right at me.  I love it.

More to come,  lets see what happens today 🙂


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