Wow its been a year

Good Morning , I can’t believe its been a year since I updated , yikes time flies!! So I decided to try again to write my observations  and see how it goes.

I enjoy my little piece of the forest and can not believe the variety of visitors we get, and how often they return. It’s very cool.

So compared to last year this is what’s happening with Woody and Momma pileated. They’ re still visiting although this is year number 4 we have noticed some drop-ins. Right now I have what I now call Senior woody, seen in previous post feeding Jr.   Well now junior is 2 and daddy wants his spot back so I am caught in the middle so to speak because they both come to my door to complain. (very vocal) For example senior woody landed on my porch post which Jr woody doesn’t normally do and vocalized.  I came out to visit amd found that woody Jr was right above him and he began to cluck. As Jr flew to the farthest feeding log, senior followed and they began to do this around the forest trees. They are not fighting like usuall its more like pushing Jr away from here. Ugh  I hate that because  I consider my sanctuary like a neutral zone. ( I know I know the circle of life 🙂

My guess is that it’s also a mate thing. Momma always comes in to eat when the boys are fighting/chasing. Now it is hard to tell markings on these woodpeckers so I go by how they react to me and I believe this is also momma from year 2.  I have had three generations of them and I am blessed that mom and dad bring the kids down to visit and I believe they are familiar with my voice even when they mature and return just by how they act around me.

I will continue to update my stories and also introduce some new additions, its amazing how large my circle of life is getting in this small sliver of forest.




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