Baby season :)

Good Morning to all, it’s a beautiful day again.  I spent a lot of time outside yesterday and I am pretty sure Woody and Momma now have babies nearby.  They both came in often yesterday evening and already this morning for both to visit.  Last night Woody was coming in (He announces his arrival with his call) just as he was landing next to me he jolted and flew into my bushes squawking up a storm lol.  I thought the crow or that Hawk was after him but the rest of the animals were not effected. He kept talking and would try to come out then back into the bush. I looked behind me and up in the air the neighbor kids were flying a black kite and Woody was having none of it. lol   He was so vocal about it.  But I have to admit it was black and I’m sure it looked like an eagle or predator to him. Just as soon as they took it down he came in and ate , followed again by momma.  I can’t wait for the babies this year.

I did video Woody coming in and will add it to my collection soon (I move to much and could make you dizzy)

Momma’s morning visit

Bandit the bandtailed pigeon is back.  They usually come in a flock but so far just him.  I just love the orange feet and beak.  They love seed but boy can they poop !!! Its like flour paste and tough to remove !! A trick I found works very well.  I keep a bit of garden fabric under my feeders for quick and easy clean up,  you can use the outdoor mats too, especially if you feed as much as I do.


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