Three years ago I moved to this location which sits next to a wetland area. My first guest to land next to my head was a Pileated Woodpecker.  When he first landed I had no idea what it was but it looked prehistoric to me (lol). I soon found out it what it was and I began to call him “woody” as he is the woodpecker based on our childhood cartoon.  My research indicated the shyness of this animal,  hmmmm well not this guy,  Soon he began to land atop my tree and call out his cry (this sounds like a jungle call to me) I would go outside and he would dive down and swoop past my head and land on the log we made for him. Soon after I was introduced to his mate (they do mate for life) and much to my surprise was later treated to the whole family coming in for food and water. It is the most awesome experience. I decided to attempt to share some of my visits from him and many others who tend to come by often.  I am very new at this and I am building as I go , maybe slow at first but worth it .


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A look into the day to day activity of my backyard nature buddies as observed by me (silly humor included)

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