Those darn Crows !!

TGIF  🙂  Good morning to all,   what a day yesterday was!  It was 75 degrees out and a lot of my nature activity is busy building nests  and courting.

I can hear Momma and Woody , they’re trying to come into eat their favorite suet but that darn Crow has decided to dive bomb them everytime they try   Grrrrr  it makes me so mad ! It seems my happy little sanctuary is getting popular with those higher on the food chain too !!! While I was attempting to take some pictures that darn Red tail hawk came in close for a fly by.  I didn’t see or hear him coming and poof  one of my doves is gone,  nothing but feathers….that I think is the hardest part, accepting the circle of life. I personally have no issues lol ( except its eat at my sanctuary, not eat visitors of my sanctuary ).

I saved Tippy from the Coopers Hawk one day,  I had no idea that hawk could fly threw the thick bushes like that, he was not giving up on eating Tippy so I grabbed a broom and that did it .   My poor neighbors get quite a show !!

Hopefully I can get some video today of current activities,  it another gorgeous day !!!




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