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Baby season :)

Good Morning to all, it’s a beautiful day again.  I spent a lot of time outside yesterday and I am pretty sure Woody and Momma now have babies nearby.  They both came in often yesterday evening and already this morning for both to visit.  Last night Woody was coming in (He announces his arrival with his call) just as he was landing next to me he jolted and flew into my bushes squawking up a storm lol.  I thought the crow or that Hawk was after him but the rest of the animals were not effected. He kept talking and would try to come out then back into the bush. I looked behind me and up in the air the neighbor kids were flying a black kite and Woody was having none of it. lol   He was so vocal about it.  But I have to admit it was black and I’m sure it looked like an eagle or predator to him. Just as soon as they took it down he came in and ate , followed again by momma.  I can’t wait for the babies this year.

I did video Woody coming in and will add it to my collection soon (I move to much and could make you dizzy)

Momma’s morning visit

Bandit the bandtailed pigeon is back.  They usually come in a flock but so far just him.  I just love the orange feet and beak.  They love seed but boy can they poop !!! Its like flour paste and tough to remove !! A trick I found works very well.  I keep a bit of garden fabric under my feeders for quick and easy clean up,  you can use the outdoor mats too, especially if you feed as much as I do.


Let’s Talk Food

Some of the fun in backyard feeding is experimenting.  The bird feeding industry can make general feeding very spendy, so finding that special blend that attracts a wide variety can be very difficult.  I am putting together my own blends now and finding it works great !

Remember when you purchase things like wild bird food that a lot of places use “filler” . Its really a bunch of junk that the critters won’t ever eat and sits and rots on the ground (then you get things like rats) This can be red millet, oat or even just an over abundance of white millet. Millet is the small white ball seeds you always see in feed. Doves and ground feeding birds like it but not “That” much.

If you don’t mind shells, remember that Black Oil Sunflower is loved by almost everyone,  I even have a pair of Mallard ducks that stop in and sure enough they eat it up.  Its full of protein. I mix my own sunflower chips with peanut chips already shelled and that will satisfy just about all your smaller birds like chickadee’s , nuthatches, warblers, finches just to name a few,   add some larger nuts like walnuts and hazelnuts and you will see grosbeak , blackbirds, and be careful it will also attract squirrels !!

Suet.  this is what you will want to experiment with the most.  Its a great source of energy and protein to help during colder months and during nesting .  The key is finding a blend that isn’t just junk.  I tried every kind I could find including my own attempts of making my own so that Woody the woodpecker would keep coming.  I found a peanut butter and jelly that he loves,  won’t eat any other kind !  The issue is Everybody loves it so its quite a challenge to keep it available.

Just remember start small and watch what your birds are doing,  they will let you know if its junk,  they will leave 🙂


Even the tiny Bushtit loves suet.  They are so cute.

Those darn Crows !!

TGIF  🙂  Good morning to all,   what a day yesterday was!  It was 75 degrees out and a lot of my nature activity is busy building nests  and courting.

I can hear Momma and Woody , they’re trying to come into eat their favorite suet but that darn Crow has decided to dive bomb them everytime they try   Grrrrr  it makes me so mad ! It seems my happy little sanctuary is getting popular with those higher on the food chain too !!! While I was attempting to take some pictures that darn Red tail hawk came in close for a fly by.  I didn’t see or hear him coming and poof  one of my doves is gone,  nothing but feathers….that I think is the hardest part, accepting the circle of life. I personally have no issues lol ( except its eat at my sanctuary, not eat visitors of my sanctuary ).

I saved Tippy from the Coopers Hawk one day,  I had no idea that hawk could fly threw the thick bushes like that, he was not giving up on eating Tippy so I grabbed a broom and that did it .   My poor neighbors get quite a show !!

Hopefully I can get some video today of current activities,  it another gorgeous day !!!



Good Morning

Wow what a beautiful day today is going to be … Today I am beginning my introduction to my nature buddies I get to enjoy everyday.  I find it funny that the animals do the funniest things when I don’t have my camera 🙂  Like this morning when Hummer (Anna’s Hummingbird) who is my year round visitor came over to our pond where I was standing and sure enough he landed on the edge of the waterfall and proceeded to take a bath! I was so close but maybe next time.

I will be adding pictures as I go along and hopefully a video or two .

Each morning I get up and fill feeders for the day. I find that I have to limit my servings because I’m becoming a little to popular (lol) My first visitors are chipmunks (Chip and Dale) and douglas squirrels (Tippy and Buster ) I have a cute neighborhood house for them to get their daily treats and keep them from the English grey squirrels (Heckle and Jeckle )

But what I wait for each day is my visit from Woody and Momma the Pileated woodpeckers. When I moved into this home I had no idea what landed next to my head when I was standing at my backdoor,  it looked like a pterodactyl to me (lol) and as I began to research my findings told me how shy they are..well not this pair. I have had the privilege of their visits and they bring in their babies.  Junior is the male juvenile that seemed to be as interested in me as I was in him, so some of my pictures are of him looking right at me.  I love it.

More to come,  lets see what happens today 🙂