Its already March 2019!!!

Hello and wow it has been a long time.  The forest itself is changing so much and last summer was a hard one for sure with heat, smoke from fires and no rain.  My son has a medical issue that took front and center for most of last year but of course I always had time for my nature buddies.

During the summer was so hard on everyone, the smoke here was very bad for weeks. I would freeze water buckets and place them in the forest for the critters to have some relief. What was amazing was the variety again that came in daily in need. But that also includes the hierarchy of nature and I lost a lot of my Douglas squirrels. Buster is still here but I have a new crew.

The same thing has happened to Woody.  My pair currently are from what I think is my 4th season babies. But it is still amazing that they both come land next to me and allow me to fill the feeder without taking off, that I tell you is the coolest thing ever.

The forest surrounding my location is all but gone, and the movement of the animals is sad. I ask everyone this question. Where do you think they go when you destroy acres of forest and pave the ground for houses and business? Where would you go if the animals had the ability to move us out?  Its gotten to the point where so much is gone and can not get back that the animals Have to adapt to what we have left for them. Sadly it is not enough and we will all pay the price for this.

Food! It is something we need to help with to supplement what we have taken away, but have you seen the crap that is sold?  Its like introducing fast food to nature,  how gross is that! It has taken me awhile but I do find natural nuts and fruits that are not stuffed with crap they don’t eat and  we pay for that sprouts and rots.

Water! provide fresh water for visitors.  It tough to find for them with the erratic weather and climate changes. Help them out.

The current problem that I have in my little forest is a new visitor that will change the whole of my sanctuary if it’s what we think it is.  I think I have a Fisher,  we found the tracks right here and the choice is either an Otter or Fisher.  I am having a hard time getting a picture of it and I am not sure it was just a walk thru, but they have been releasing them in the mountains within 50 miles from here and well see if it decides to stay.

The recent snows came and as you can see its very tough to find food in this, these are some of the stations I place in the forest to house and feed those in need.  We ended up with 18 inches which is a lot here.

So just remember we wont make it in this world without our nature buddies.  We have to make it together.

more later….