The Sun is back.

Wow the sun finally came out and my little forest is busy.  Chuck and Lily the mallard ducks just returned (yay) Its been 3 years of visits. I am getting visits from Band tailed Pigeons aka Bandit and part of their family,  they are cooing , it’s very similar to the dove but a deeper sound.  Speaking of the dove they are courting too 🙂  The frogs are in the ponds and I still have one with a broken sounding croak.

I also seem to have 2 bunnies,  I have seen them from time to time but now everyday at feeding time and in my yard. They seem to have made a burrough below my spruce shrub so I might get babies !!!

And now not only do we have the Coopers Hawk, but now a red-tailed hawk and a pair of Bald Eagles ! I can’t believe that all this activity is happening in such a small area, but its a lot of fun.

Yesterday we saw Buster the douglas squirrel climb into the bird house that’s high on the side of the shed,  now considered the maternity ward. It’s a heck of a jump to get down so I assume she will move one at a time again after they’re born,   well see.

I don’t have any pictures yet because I am addicted to watching April the giraffe 🙂 have her baby,  How cool would that be to visit animal adventure park, but I seem to have a park of my own just wild 🙂  It’s interesting to me that my wild visitors get this  close and that they continue to return but its always hard when they don’t .

Hope everyone has a good day,


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