I love Spring

Look who is Back !!!!! Chuck returned yesterday with a new gal 🙂 I am so happy,  he showed her all the spots plus a dip in the pond.  I shall call her Lily again and look forward to seeing the babies again this year. I was so excited.

BunBun the bunny has a baby also,   I just seen it but sadly there is only one. She is keeping it close to us, she is using the bushes between myself and my neighbor. I think it may have been the cats but I am not for sure.

Here is Buster the Douglas squirrels maternity ward.  On the left she is home with the “door” blocked and she is out and about on the right. HaHa  I am not sure its a maternity ward anymore I am beginning to think its a home.  That would be so cool.

The Deer family came out on Saturday her little one is getting big.

Woody and Momma have babies too !!! They are currently taking turns getting food which is something I notice when they are feeding.

Lets not forget yesterdays visit by momma coyote. I think she has a den near here that she uses every year. She seems to be solo but I must say she is really pretty. I scared her but she saw me first.  Just a bit to close for a visit.



Just a quick picture of Dovey the mourning Dove on the left and Bandit the bandtailed pigeon on the right. Both make a similar sound which sounds like an owl hooting, a really neat sound.

All this is happening now in my little sliver of forest and it seems to be changing every day  especially with the amount of forest being torn down.

More to come, have a great day and Thank you so much for the feedback and questions.


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